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About Youngandscared: RP..Girls only 1. Abandoned girl in need of tender love and care(seduce her) 2. Recently divorced bi-sexual mother and daugter. Read the whole profile, please 1.The 12 yr. old little girl twirls her hair between her fingers and looks around as she's being led out the door of the shabby orphanage Her clothes are those of an older girl, too big and slightly dirty. She looks timid and peeks around the adoption office.. There's only one lady in the office besides the staff..She approaches the little girl and says". Hannah? I'm your new mom"....... 2. Long day at the office..Friday afternoon.."Finally weekend,", Wendy thinks to herself, walking down a quiet street in the burbs towards her house. She wonders what her daughter's doing. The house is dead quiet, she shouts out, "Hello! Anybody home?" She hears a thud from her 12 yr old daugter's room. She opens the door and sees her naked daughter scurrying to get dressed. Sticking out from under the bed is a carrot. "Hi mom she says *blushingly*.....As she sees her budding body with its small perky breasts and smooth pussy she gets wet and know she mys find release...Get dressed,baby girl, she says and hurries to the bathroom Scenario 1 Age: 6-11.. Build: slight Parents: none Other family: none Status: scared, bewildered Mindset: Looking for protector, a little naive, needs seducing, curious and timid Scenario 2 Young, sexually curious preteen daughter, on the verge of womanhood, budding breasts and slight to none pubic hair.